About Sculpture

The fabulous thing about sculpture are it´s limitless possibilities. Today we have a very large set of materials and tools at our disposal and it is no more necessary to stick to the ancient ways of working – stonecarbing, bronzecasting, woodwork...

A sculpture can be almost anything, to begin with a light or a virtual artwork, conceived on computer, projected on water droplets ; a 3D-printed copy ; laser engraving on marble...I would say ”The Medium is the Message”, as the choice of the technic tells us a lot about our contact with the world. Even the ecological aspect is much more important than ever.

”The Wanderer above the sea of fog” - 2021

Bronze, alabaster, height 60 cm

Wikipedia : ”Wanderer above the Sea of Fog is closely associated with Romanticism... The painting has been widely interpreted as an emblem of self-reflection or contemplation of life's path. Friedrich stated his ideas in regards to this :The artist should paint not only what he has in front of him but also what he sees inside himself.” - The thing that I wanted the most in life was to became an astronaut. It might be too late for me but this sculpture is still a self-portrait and a vision of the eternal wish of humankind to go further, to explore the white areas on the map.


”Cyborg” - 2018

Paper, height 250 cm

Paper was for hundreds of years the ultimate support of human knowledge. We have operated a big change in our approach to the machines and to digital data treatment. Therewise, this sculpture, made entirely of paper, ”walking” slowly on place, is a combination of writing support, humanoid form and machine-like construction.


”Zephyr” - 2014

Bronze, height 25 cm

When I was still studying in Paris at the eighties and working a lot with paper, I sometimes wanted to cross the fine line from the transient to persistent, and, after some experiments with a foundry, found how to anchor these fragile moments in a more permanent shape.


Photo : Arnaud Bertereau


”JD”- 2010

Paper, wood, width 150 cm

This sculpture was made to be shown at a memorial group exhibition for my late sculpture professor from the Paris Art School (ENSBA), Jacques Delahaye. He showed me how to find my way to use paper, one of my favorite materials, in unprecedented manners.


Photo : Arnaud Bertereau

”Queen/Mother” - 2019

Bronze, width 60 cm

I have been working for a few years on a series of pieces called ”Anthropomorphisms”. They are bronze or plastic sculptures, having a resemblance with some dystopic creatures of our nightmares, somewhere between humans and machines, beasts and extraterrestrial lifeforms. They are a reflection of the humanity at it´s actual state of mind : lost, hybrid, disassembled, frightened (or schizophrenic) about external threats.